The Little Things

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon I just wanted to take the time to give a little advice to the guys out there.  Stop waiting until February 14th every year to buy something for your wife or significant other that you wouldn’t normally buy for them.

Why???  You are being price gouged.

Those $60 roses you buy….guess what….they aren’t $60 the rest of the year.


Go look at those same roses a week later or before the will be $20-$25.

No…I’m serious. Go look sometime.

There is a flower department in just about every grocery store now and it’s usually right by the check out.  You can get a nice bouquet of flower for only $10 to $15. Hint…you don’t always have to buy roses.  Get a nice mixture of different flowers and it will look like you actually put some thought into what you bought.  Try coming home with a nice bouquet of $10 – $15 flower every 2 weeks and your significant other will appreciate them and they may start to “appreciate” you more.

If you don’t normally do something like bring flowers home don’t seek that “appreciation” immediately.

You are just laying the ground work….be patient and be sincere and everything will work out.

Now buying something like flowers isn’t the only way….it can be something simple as making their coffee in the morning.  I am not a coffee drinker but I got up in the morning and made coffee for an ex almost every weekday and some weekends.

You have no idea how much something as little as that means to someone.  For one, it shows that first thing in the morning that you were thinking about them and it also shows that you care about how their day goes.  Some people can’t function without coffee and if your significant other is one of those people that would be the move for you to make.  The key here is to actually pay attention to what your significant other says in random conversations so you can pick up on your own signature little thing.

But then again….I’m single so why take advice from me…lol


  1. Shauntelle

    This is what most of us women are complaining about when we say the “romance” is gone!

    I think most guys know how to do this because they do it when they’re trying to win a woman over… it’s just, once they have her… I guess they think they don’t have to worry about keeping her?

  2. Erika

    Love It!!!! You really nailed it with finding your signature thing. Flowers are kewl, but if your girl says something in a random conversation that you picked up on and used, it goes so much farther. It even melts the heart of a hard girl like me LOL

  3. Tim Haynes (GA-US)

    @ Shauntelle – I’ve always said…don’t start doing something that you don’t plan to continue doing. So I live by that…If I do something to get you it’s something that I plan to always do.

    @E – You know you only play hard on TV…lol

  4. Tim Haynes (ex-Perth, AUS)

    Great blog. A good little reminder.

    I used to try and cook for my ex but she was a money swine and appreciated being taken out to dinner far more than cooking a romantic dinner. I hope to one day find someone who appreciates my efforts

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